We, AKNIIPO (Russian abbreviation from Aerospace Scientific Research Test and Manufacturing), have been engaged mainly in supply, expertise and consult on wide range of electronic components equipping elements of space and aviation objects.

We have established research, development and trade relations with many Russian and CIS research and manufacturers of space and aviation development centres since our incorporation in 1995. Scope of Our Main Businesses Integrate circuits of all types, transformers, tubes, filters and so on. Main Trade Activities Import, test and expertise electronic components mainly from US suppliers and manufacturers to Russia and CIS region. For further developing our business we would like to suggest you closer form of co-operation: representative office in Moscow. This will help to increase your sales volumes to the region especially if the collaboration would be exclusive. In case of exclusive distributor's contract for Russia and CIS region, your product will be additionally promoted among making decision developers with engineering and technical support. How it will be working We will open a representative Office in Moscow.

We will test, expertise and certify components supplied by you once and every next contract. Our main advantage will be the ability to promote them using our previous expertise results and technical consultant authority. We will arrange the seminars for the engineers explaining advantages of using your components. These all will increase the volumes and speed of shipping components to ending manufacturer and establish your permanent presence in Russia and CIS. Once you find this kind of co-operation potentially beneficial, please be kind confirm your interest, so we can go on the process of negotiating on details.

Created in mid 90's on the basis of the space-rocket industry enterprises AKNIIPO is now one of the major research, testing and expertise centers that offer a wide range of services in certification and certification tests area.

AKNIIPO means a team of highly skilled professionals who have a great operational experience in testing, expertise and certification.

AKNIIPO means laboratories provided with up to date testing equipment that permits carrying out tests according to home and international standard requirements.

The center's own testing base includes three laboratories , accredited for carrying out of various types of tests according to the following certifying systems: Federal System of Space Technology Certification, Radio-Electronic Equipment, ELECTRONSERT Certification System for Radio-frequency Components and Materials .

The Company organization comprises:

  • Quality management service;
  • Several testing laboratories.

AKNIIPO is accredited with: the Federal System of Space Technology, it has a license of Federal Space Agency of Russia.

AKNIIPO has a license and a certificate from the Federal Space Agency of Russia for the right of spacecraft kitting-up with electronics and components, as well as carrying out certifying tests. Our organization takes an active part in production and handing in activity concerning spaceships for the ISS transportation support.

Basic type of activities: as well as carrying out of complementary tests, including: tests for detection of potentially unreliable elements, tests for reliability, certifiication tests, MIL-STD (USA) standards, diagnostic nondestructive test, destructive physical analysis, failure analysis, etc.

Within the 2002-2009 period AKNIIPO has tested more than 3 million of radio-electronic item part types of home and foreign make for Spacecraft onboard equipment kitting up.

At present the Testing Center is in train of carrying out work for the leading enterprises of Russian Space and Aviation Industry.

A provision of high-reliability equipment kitting-up, and for space usage in the first place, with EEE-components of required quality and reliability is the primary purpose of AKNIIPO.

With this purpose a standard program (a list of obligatory tests) for incoming and diagnostic nondestructive testing (DNT), diagnostic screening tests (DST) and EEE Parts destructive physical analysis has been developed and realized. Individual screening of elements that have hidden fabrication defects is the purpose of DST and EEE Parts DNT. All EEE parts (of Special Standard (SS) and Highest Standard (HS) quality categories) before installation in a spacecraft (SC) are to undergo additional tests which includes:

  • Repeated measuring of electric parameters with their registration;
  • Having them affected by destabilizing factors and their combinations (temperature, voltage, etc.);
  • Calculation of parameters drift after these impacts and its analysis;
  • Inspection the inside of the EEE parts housing for foreign particles presence;
  • Diagnostic nondestructive monitoring;
  • Selective destructive physical analysis (DP ) by sampling (2-5 pcs.) from the EEE parts lot that undergo the test.

All testing and measuring equipment available at AKNIIPO is integrated into one computer network that permits to automate the process of parameter measuring, their recording, processing and storage of the findings.

The decision of approval for installation of the EEE-parts lots to the equipment is made with obligatory taking into account of the DST and DPA findings whose carrying out is provided for by AKNIIPO.

DPA permits to confirm the quality of the lots or detect the lots, whose defects (or disagreement with the technological normative documentation requirements) are pre-conditioned by EEE-parts manufacturing technology at the manufacturing plants and cannot be detected during screening tests diagnostic nondestructive monitoring.

According to the DPA findings additional tests are nominated for the EEE-parts lots for which remarks have been received, recommendations are given and decision is taken concerning further usage of such EEE-parts lots.

Among our professional services there are:

  • Purchase and delivery of radio-electronic item s for special equipment kitting-up;
  • Carrying out of radio-electronic item s incoming control;
  • Carrying out of radio-electronic item s additional screening and diagnostic tests;
  • Carrying out of radio-electronic item s selective destructive physical analysis;
  • Development of software for carrying out of radio-electronic item s tests;
  • Rendering services on optimal selection of imported radio-electronic item s;
  • Issuing of technical and in-line documentation for imported radio-electronic item s;
  • Arranging tests of imported radio-electronic item s.

AKNIIPO has a license issued by Russian Space Agency for activity connected to kitting up of spacecrafts and rocket equipment with EEE-parts of high reliability, it is accredited by Russian Space Agency as a test center and body for certification of a wide range of EEE-parts.

AKNIIPO is completely equipped with up to date testing and measuring equipment and means for diagnostic nondestructive testing (DNT) and physicotechnical analysis (PTA) to carry out qualifying, standard, certification, boundary testing as well as to carry out technical expertise when working on electronic component base (EEE-PARTS) failure analysis.

Including raster electron microscopy, mass spectrometry microanalyzers and X-ray scattering techniques laboratory with possibility of 3d tomography, 3d X-ray analysis and computer tomography, which allows to carry out testing of individual elements, the card integral control, the quality of assembly, including the condition of the card paths, microcircuit die tracks, layerwise detection of soldering quality, the flow soldering depth and find out the presence of extrinsic intermetals.

Raster Electron Microskopy:

Mass Spectrometry Analysis:

X-ray scattering Analysis:

Automated workstations have been introduced at AKNIIPO for carrying out functional and diagnostic monitoring and measuring of microchips and semiconductors electric parameters. This permits to carry out tests undertime and reliably of the newest types EEE-PARTS with electronic bases of complicated functionality: signaling processors, microcontrollers, EPLDs having 1 million gates and more, DAC/ADCs with up to 1 GHz speed and with number of digits up to 20, etc. signaling processors, microcontrollers, EPLDs having 1 million gates and more, DAC/ADCs with up to 1 GHz speed and with number of digits up to 20, etc.

To speed up the process of testing automated assemblages have been installed for EEE-PARTS burn-in period carrying out with possibility of simultaneous measuring and recording of electric parameters.

AKNIIPO is equipped with testing equipment that permits carrying out tests for both mechanical component stresses, including: vibration, impacts, linear acceleration, structure resonance frequency detection, - and exposure factors, including: lower and high ambient temperature, temperature change, salt mist, high humidity, dynamic and static dust, high and reduced atmospheric pressure. : lower and high ambient temperature, temperature change, salt mist, high humidity, dynamic and static dust, high and reduced atmospheric pressure.

One of the effective methods of increasing the quality and reliability of EEE-PARTS is carrying out additional (screening) tests of the delivered lots of items.

The additional tests consist of four monitoring and test groups: 100% incoming monitoring (IM), screening tests (ST), diagnostic nondestructive monitoring (DNM) and destructive physical analysis (DPA) with various selections.

At present AKNIIPO endeavours to carry out 100% X-ray monitoring of items and selective DPA of each lot of items regardless of the Standard test programs. The pictures show some examples of low-quality EEE-PARTS manufacture which result in nonreversible failure when installed in the flight equipment. This includes Die Attach Defects, semiconducting die structure, microcracks on the substrates and dice, Delamination on the substrates and multilayer boards, Voids in materials, closures between the nodes, voids of soldered and welded items, unwelding quality, die attach defects, structure integrity.

Deformation of thermal welded junctions inside the housing

Base metallization defect

Structure melting

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